Construction extending Devonshire Street between Wallingford Street and Centre Avenue on May 2, 1913. Image courtesy of Historic Pittsburgh, the Digital Research Library at the University of Pittsburgh.

The east edge of the R. J. Wilson house (still standing) is at left with a wagon next to it. The W. L. King carriage house is in the foreground right (it’s the yellow structure on the map with a driveway to it). Behind the carriage house to the left is a King house and to the right is the other King house. Towards the left edge is a glimpse of the I. B. Fulton house. The King structures are all gone as is the Fulton house. The highly visible house on Centre Avenue at the end of the soon-to-be-completed Devonshire Street was the home of B. K. Dickson (still standing). Left from Dickson’s house on Centre and obscured by trees is the L. M. Plumber house (demolished).