When Ellsworth Met Centre and South Highland

A Pittsburgh city photographer stood on the corner with Ellsworth Avenue (left) and South Highland Avenue (right) and took a photograph pointing straight across to the corner, behind a person crossing the street, of Centre Avenue (across street and right) and South Highland Avenue (across street and left). October 29, 1917. Image courtesy of Historic Pittsburgh, the Digital Research Library at the University of Pittsburgh.

A hundred years ago Ellsworth Avenue crossed over a bridge from where Ellsworth Avenue intersects with Spahr Street today, spanned the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks, and ended at the five way intersection shown in the image above (taken on October 29, 1917).

In the image, Centre Avenue runs from far right, straight through the intersection in front of parked cars, and past the corner across the intersection at far left.

South Highland Avenue runs from the right lower corner and through the intersection to where a street car and automobiles are seen on the move.

To the immediate left, Ellsworth Avenue meets the intersection.

Currently the Patron Mexican Grill is in the building visible directly across the intersection.