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Originally subdivided from farmland around 1860, Pittsburgh's Shadyside is perhaps the oldest suburb in the United States to survive into the twenty-first century relatively intact. This Website provides historic data using Semantic Web technologies. Images included in this site are all part of the author's private collection. Please email me (click on my name below) with any errors you may discover or new information you may have.

Sincerely, Donald Doherty

New! Map of the structures in the Historic Shadyside knowledgebase.

All proceeds from the "Pittsburgh's Shadyside" book go to the Shadyside Action Coalition.

New! Map for the "Pittsburgh's Shadyside" book. The map shows the location of the photographs on each page of the "Pittsburgh's Shadyside" book from the viewer's standpoint. Stand at the location and see how it looks now compared to the photograph.

Other excellent materials on Shadyside history may be found at the Historic Pittsburgh digital archive.

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